Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blog Tour: Shadows by Nicole Belanger

Shadows by Nicole Belanger 
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When someone brings a gun into the hospital, the world flips upside down. I quickly learned I couldn't trust anyone when he slipped away and I wondered if I could even trust myself.

There was a time when I welcomed the shadows with open arms. They comforted me with protection from the nightmares. They settled my anxiety and became my greatest companion. They reminded me of my enemies, warning me I wasn't safe. But there came a time when I feared them, afraid the darkness would consume me and I'd never find the light again. I became isolated, consumed by my fear of the night.

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About The Author

Nicole Belanger is a young adult author born August 4, 1994. She began writing poetry and short stories when she was six years old and when she was thirteen, she began writing her first book, Lost Voice, which she finished at fifteen. Shortly before her high school graduation in 2012, Belanger published her first book at the age of seventeen. She began working in the medical field when she was eighteen as a Certified Nursing Assistant and is currently going to Nursing school in southern Maine. She’s also an avid photographer, featuring one of her photographs on the cover of Lost Voice. Belanger recently finished her second book, Shadows, which came out May 2014 and is currently working on her next book.

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